How to React

You know, I’m kind of stuck on this Palin thing.  Maybe I shouldn’t be, but I think I know why I’m bothered so infinitley by it, and there are many reasons.  But the one that keeps coming back to me is that this whole thing was so perfectly orchestrated by the Republican party.  The picking of Palin was a complete smack to the face of American women.  Not a pimp slap, not a back handed quickie, but a complete draw back of the hand and let it fly at the temple hit.  What really, really gets to me…the seemingly smart women that just didn’t feel it.  They are numb from all the other little smacks, here and there.

“Country First” huh McCain?  The pick of Palin says to me that’s the exact opposite of your slogan.  It was purely political.  It was for showmanship.  It was for sensationalism.  And it was/is a masterful marketing scheme.  That’s all Palin is, the perfect marketing gimmick.  That’s all they wanted.  Because I can’t for the life of me figure out how Gov. Palin is the best for putting Country First.  She is however, the perfect fit for Republican Ideology First.  McCain Daddy Complex First.  Political Marketing First.  She is NOT what is best for this country in any way, shape, or form.  She could, in all honesty and stark reality if Murphy’s Law holds true, be the President.  President Palin.  I’m sorry…but I WOULD like to see a fatter resume for someone who is the second in command of my country and has a very good chance of backdooring it to position of Commander in Chief.

I vacillate between being angry, snarky, incredulous, dispassionate, and back to enraged this political season.  I don’t have all the words to describe all the feelings that have bubbled up and I am scared to death that come November, America will have succumbed to the perfect marketing scheme.  And then what?  Four more years of what we’ve been through.  Status quo.  And that’s not good enough.

“It’s all about the presentation.”  Sex sells, and believe it or not…Palin fits the bill.  It’s subtle, but it’s there.  The number one comment from the political boards I’ve read (coming from men) was, “she’s hot” and “I’d hit it.”  Yes.  It’s true I can’t, and wouldn’t, make that crap up.   So think about it for a moment.  That’s the first thing that most people (men) thought.  Not, what are her qualifications, what are her policies, etc.  No, it was that she’s “hot.”  It proves my point that again, marketing, is what is first for McCain not my country.

Marketing baby, marketing.  Palin is good looking, she has five kids, one of which is a pregnant 17 year-old.  She even totes a gun.  Her whole persona kind of reminds me of that porn star stereotype.  You know what I’m talking about, the librarian with the glasses, or teacher, or whatever.  Then the dude walks in and it’s bong-chicka-wow-ow.  She’s dominatrix but yet “old fashioned” all in one.  It’s perfect, absolutely perfect.  She can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan, and never never let you forget you’re man…

I want to throw up because it’s working.  I want American women to wake the fuck up.  I want America to wake the fuck up and say, NO…we’re smarter than that.  I want America to just stop falling for the marketing bullshit.

Here’s some links to some blogs that say what I think much better than I ever could.  (For some reason, I can’t get the insert link to work properly yet either, sorry)

Dorothy Surrenders always has a nice snarky delivery:

This renews my faith in women not being blind:


~ by Nichole on September 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “How to React”

  1. Yes! It’s disgusting that women identify with her on the fact that she is a woman. But she is connected to the pipeline which is a large project, I’m sure the government wants in on.

  2. I just read those other blogs!!! I can’t believe they actually did a women against Palin, I said that jokingly to a friend the other day.

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