Financial Woes

Methinks the America way of living beyond it’s means has finally and overwhelmingly caught up with the nation.

The truly sad part, I don’t think the banks, the government, or this nation’s people will learn one damn lesson from all of this.  It’s just more fodder for the political pundits to cast blame.  Truth is, it’s everyone’s fault.  Blame can be cast to the banks who lent the money, the people who took it, the government for turning it’s head and saying “just spend more money, that’ll fix all of this.”  Um, pretty sure it was that attitude that made it worse.

Funny how Mr. Pettigrew’s comment (see previous blog) is even more insightful considering the latest bailout which looks like it’s going to cost in the HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars.



~ by Nichole on September 19, 2008.

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