Ok…Bush is speaking right now…

And all I want to do is shake him.  Decisive Action” my ass.  If only the White House would have paid attention when it should have.  I can’t help but remember Bush’s response to the 9/11 economic hit…”go out and spend.”  His response to the slowing of the economy?  Here’s some tax money…go spend it.  Well Genius,  you tell people to spend money they don’t have, how do you expect them to pay?  Credit.  You tell the generally dumb American public to spend, and they listened.  That’s their fault too.  However, there’s a really good of the majority of the American public who didn’t contribute to this freakin’ mess.  A good deal of us who knew better, who know when to NOT spend.  We can see the writing on the wall.  We can see people getting 6-7 year car loans, 30+ year mortgages on homes they already can’t afford.  They take adjustable rate mortgages because they don’t know better.  Is that their fault?  Yes!  And is it the fault of the lenders?  YES!

In general, the government need not save all of us from ourselves but it damn sure have the needed stop guards in place to protect those who act responsibly from those too ignorant to do so.  And that includes the greed mongers who helped create this mess.


~ by Nichole on September 24, 2008.

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