The Regrouping of the GOP, the Rev. Phelps, and Save the Assault Weapons!

I haven’t blogged in a while, for many reasons. Lack of time being one of them, but mostly…I have actually have too much to say. I find it very difficult to stay on course because when I get started talking about one point, it inevitably leads to another, then another and I end up somewhere south of coherent. I’ve been doing some reading and imagine my “surprise” (um, not really) to find out that through all the lessons that the Republican party has learned during this election was not that people wanted more optimism from their government, not that people wanted a more honest and earnest political leader, not that people voted against the same old rhetoric, not that people could look past race and traditional party lines. Oh no, the GOP in all their infinite wisdom has learned that in order to regroup and refocus to win more elections, they must rebuild their party around social conservatism. They point to the passage of so many anti-gay measures that were on the ballots across the country. The people have spoken, they say. The “sanctity of life” and the “sanctity of marriage” is what really matters.

Excuse me?

And speaking of crazy people, I read that the “Reverend” Phelps will be protesting at Barack Obama’s grandmother’s funeral. I know this is bad, but I wish someone would just take him out. I hate to even post this link, but go ahead and check out Just warms the heart, doesn’t it??

And lastly, in the most disgustingly laughable irony I ran across this story in the St. Pete Times online edition.

~ by Nichole on November 10, 2008.

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